Composite Doors, London

Alaskan Windows offer an attractive, contemporary range of composite front doors in London. Our composite doors are the perfect traditional wooden door replacement, however, they will provide your home with more superior performance.

We understand the importance of having a thermally efficient front door, so we construct our composite doors with an insulated foam core. This gives your home up to 6 times the insulation of a traditional timber front door.

London front doors are essential to be the most robust, durable design that they can be to provide your home with maximum security. With their innovative combination of different materials, our composite entrance doors are a very strong and secure door. Making them an excellent investment for your new front door in London.

With all of the stunning features that our composite front doors supply and fit, they also come with manufacturers 10-year guarantee. You will be delighted to have a new front door that offers a long-lasting, high-standard and that requires minimal maintenance. We offer competitive composite front door prices, so use our online quote calculator and receive your free online tailored quote in minutes.

We are not limited to London but we also offer Composite Doors installation services in Guildford, Morden, Chessington, Redhill, Kingston upon Thames, Dorking, Woking, and surrounding areas.

Attractive & Contemporary

Whether you are looking for an attractive replacement for a traditional wooden door or a new door for your contemporary home, these aesthetically superior composite doors will meet your needs.

You can tailor them to suit your desires and they will provide an inviting and beautiful entrance to your home, adding curb appeal and impressing your guests.

Thermally Superior

Alaskan Windows understand the importance of thermal performance when it comes to choosing your new door. Our composite doors are constructed with an insulation foam core which provides up to 6 times the insulation of a timber door.

This exceptional thermal resistance will keep you warm and cosy in your home and will help to save money on your energy bills.

composite doors installed in surrey

coloured composite doors in surrey

Weather Resistant

Our range of composite doors have a high resistance to weathering and don’t react to seasonal changes like a singular material door would. They eliminate draughts and are designed to keep the cold and the rain out. However inclement the British weather is, our composite doors will protect you and your home.

10 Year Guarantee

Alaskan Windows are confident in the outstanding quality of our range of composite doors. You will be delighted with the long lasting, high-standard of performance that these doors offer, with minimal maintenance required.

To this end, we supply our composite doors with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of installation. We want you to have peace of mind that the door you choose provides the utmost quality and function.

Vast Array of Designs

You can choose from a number of colour possibilities when designing your composite door. We also offer a selection of glazing options and hardware accessories to complete the look you desire.

Our composite doors are designed with an attractive woodgrain appearance but, because of the materials used, they won’t fade or discolour. Unlike traditional timber doors, there will be no need for painting, nor will they warp in damp conditions.

Safe & Secure

The most well-known benefit of a composite door is its security features. They are made from a variety of materials, including uPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic (GRP).

This innovative combination of materials results in a very robust and secure door. Add to this our high security locking systems, and you can be sure of a product that will keep your home safe from intruders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Composite doors are manufactured using high quality uPVC, timber and glass reinforced plastic materials. The durable profile will offer impressive longevity giving you several years of service.

Combining uPVC, timber and glass reinforced plastic, composite doors are inherently robust. They can withstand a range of harsh weather conditions and forceful impacts. uPVC is prone to warping and cracking, making it a less weatherproofed and secure solution.

Composite doors offer an incredible range of benefits that will greatly improve the way your home performs. Whether you're looking for a door that offers better thermal performance or enhanced security, composite doors can provide exceptional performance. Get in touch with Alaskan today to find out more.